Getting Started with Twitch

Twitch puts your Mac at your fingertips, launching apps, files, websites, and scripts—what I like to call launchables—with just a keypress. Ready to get started?

Twitch ### Twitch and You Twitch lives just off the edge of your Mac's screen, waiting for you. **Press Alt-Space** to show Twitch. (I'll show you how to change that shortcut a bit later). Watch it slide into view. Twitch shows you the launchable you have configured for each letter. **Press a letter**: Twitch fires whatever is associated with that key, and slides back out of view. Press **Alt-Space** again to bring Twitch back. Don't want to launch anything? Press **Escape** or **Alt-Space** again to hide it.
Configuring Twitch ### Configuring Twitch Open Twitch (press Alt-Space!). Click the gear or press **Command-,**. Now, Twitch is in configuration mode. Here, you can assign launchables to keys and change Twitch's keyboard shortcut. You can **assign a launchable to a key** several ways. Double-click the letter's row (or press the letter on your keyboard), and Twitch will prompt you to choose an item from your Mac. Or, drag something to the letter, such as a document from Finder, a web address, or an application. You can also **change Twitch's keyboard shortcut**. You can assign a standard modifier-plus-key combo (such as Command-Shift-T or Ctrl-F5), or use a single modifier key to open Twitch. If you choose a modifier key, you can open and close Twitch with just a quick tap of that key. Super-speedy! Don't worry: if you forget the keyboard shortcut, you can always open Twitch from the "tw" icon in the menubar.